Windfarm walk

There is an interesting walk on the border between Wicklow and Wexford in Ireland. The walk is unusual as it in the windfarm. I didn't have an opportunity to walk under the wind turbine before. It's an interesting experience and it was worth a drive from Dublin.

The walk is in Raheenleagh Wind Farm, and the parking for it is a "The White Heaps" marker.

There are 3 marked trails of varying length, and you can combine them together to about 10 km of walking. Pretty much all of the trails go on access roads, so you don't need serious hiking shoes or gear. The red trail is the one that actually goes under one of the turbines.

According to the website, the turbines themselves are 3.2 MW, 108 m diameter Siemens ones. I believe this is respectable but they are not the largest ones by modern standards. They became operational in September 2016.